Act! Integration with Sage 50


For many of our clients, integrating Act! CRM with Sage 50 accounting software is an essential feature of the solution.


Integration presents a multitude of benefits that remove manual process and empower Users to be more effective in their client engagements. These include:


  • Presenting Users with (a read-only view of) credit status and purchase history data, making them better informed as they prepare to engage with your clients
  • Providing a means to analyse Act! data and pull together targets for sales or marketing campaigns based upon turnover or recent transaction history
  • Enabling Users to convert an Act! Opportunity to a Sage Sales Order or Invoice, removing the need to re-enter the same data in two systems
  • Offering Users the facility to create new Sage Company records from Act! Company records, reducing manual input even further


Currently, two options are available for integration between Act! CRM and Sage 50. Solutions are able to provide and implement either of these and provide tarining for administrators and Users on their use.



Act! Link for Accounting 


Both tools are availabe on a monthly subscription basis (from £96 per User per year plus VAT). AlphaLink is also available for outright purchase (from £299 plus VAT).

Please note that the principle features of the integration between Act! and Sage 50 (whether AlphaLink or Act! Link for Accounting is adopted) are available to Users of the local application only and not Web browser, Smartphone or tablet Users, or Users of Remote (synchronising) Act! databases.


However, it is possible (with both tools) to expose fields containing Sage 50 Accounts data within Act! CRM fields, which may be visible to Users of Act! Cloud (Act! Premium for Web) and Act! Premium Mobile.


For a full demonstration or free trial of either integration options, please call us on 0843 289 5991 or email.


Standard Features of AlphaLink


  • Synchronise from Act! to Sage 50 and vice versa
  • Create Sage 50 Sales Orders OR Invoices, from Act! Opportunities 
  • Create new Customer Accounts in Sage 50 from Act!               
  • Products in Sage 50 synchronised and viewable in Act! 
  • Drill Down on Sales Orders and Invoices in Act! to review line items 
  • Comprehensive match, preview, and link service for existing Sage 50 records into Act! 
  • View a complete trading history within Act! for all your Customers                       
  • No need to have Sage 50 on your PC
  • Add Fields to your own custom forms
  • Choose your delivery address on orders 
  • Ability to disable features that are not required (All are enabled by default)
  • Populate blank Act! Databases with your Sage Customer information 
  • Flexible and robust linking of Sage 50 with Act! records at company and contact level
  • Sage 50 data is stored in the Data Warehouse and is available for reporting 
  • Various KPIs accessible from Act! (Balances, Credit Limit, MTD, YTD…) 
  • Accounting Activity – extremely useful for Sage 50 versions without SOP
  • Easy to install 
  • Compatible with Sage 50 versions 18 – 22
  • Compatible with Act! versions 17-19



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