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Act! Premium is the flagship CRM product for small and medium businesses, providing real-time visibility of customer information for client-facing teams, marketing support and key management information. Act! Premium helps make sure no deal is lost through lack of information!


Act! Premium can be configured (by you) to collect information about your Contacts that is useful to marketing and sales staff. The system tracks all interactions including phone conversations, letters, emails, meetings and enables Users to schedule follow-up activity quickly and easily (for themselves or colleagues).


Act! Premium enables Administrators to define User permissions to control who sees what data, and what 'rights' individuals have in the system at a very granular level.


Managers are able to see at a glance how the business is performing, with rich and detailed dashboard views, list views, groupings of contacts and companies and many pre-constructed report templates. If that isn't enough, the Microsoft SQL database that underpins Act! may be interrogated by a broad range of third-party reporting tools. 


Call us on 0115 840 5075 and ask for a demonstration, online or at your office, or just chat to one of our knowledgeable Act! Product specialists. You'll quickly find that Act! CRM is affordable, easy to use and built with you in mind.


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