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Act! Pro is the right solution for small businesses with up to 5 CRM Users.


Act! Pro supports contact management, sales opportunity pipeline tracking, activity management and marketing support.


The system is locally installed on-premise, which means that the database must be created on your laptop/desktop or on your server (accessible by Users across a local area network).


Act! Pro includes all the basic functionality of the CRM system but with basic User management and limited access control. Those who would prefer web-browser or online mobile access to their databases should choose Act! Premium instead. 


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Purchasing Options


Act! Pro is not a subscription based product. It requires outright purchase of perpetual User licences.


A single User licence or Act! Pro is currently RRP £179.00 plus VAT (until March 2017, after which the single User price increases to £209.00 plus VAT). For a limited period, Solutions are able to offer discounted Act! Pro licences at £139.00 plus VAT (1 to 4 licences).


Act! Pro licences may be purchased (with immediate software download) from the main Solutions website...

Act! Pro basic features...

Act! Pro includes the essential features that small businesses and teams need to manage customer relationships

Contact Management

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Sales Opportunity Tracking

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Email Marketing

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